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Doctor Who and the Green Death

Doctor Who and the Green Death

Released September 2008


CD US $13.36


The Green Death begins slowly.

In a small Welsh mining village a man emerges from the disused colliery covered in a green fungus. Minutes later he is dead. UNIT, Jo Grant and The Doctor in tow, arrive on the scene to investigate, but stangely reluctant to assist their enquiries is Dr Stevens, director of the local refinery, Panorama Chemicals. Are they in time to destroy the mysterious power which threatens them all before the whole village, and even the world, is wiped out by a deadly swarm of green maggots?

Katy Manning, who played Jo Grant in the original 1973 TV serial on which this book is based, reads Malcolm Hulke’s complete and unabridged novelisation, first published by Target Books in 1975.

‘BBC Audiobooks has chosen well with its books and has taken the right approach with its readers... they benefit from new music and sound effects’ -- Doctor Who Magazine

Written By: Malcolm Hulke
Directed By: TBC


Read by Katy Manning

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