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Blake's 7 - Books and Ebooks - Released Items

You're Him, Aren't You?

Released June 2003

You're Him, Aren't You?

Book US $16.71
Paul Darrow's career has encompassed theatre, television and film. Famed for his portrayal of Kerr Avon, a ruthless and calculating computer exp...
The Forgotten

Released May 2012

1. The Forgotten

Book US $25.07
eBook - MOBI US $12.99
eBook - EPUB US $12.99

After carrying out a successful attack against a Federation communications station on Xantos Beta, the Liberator is hounded by Travis into an ar...


Released November 2012

2. Archangel

Book US $25.07
eBook - EPUB US $12.99
eBook - MOBI US $12.99

Set between the TV stories Trial and Killer, Archangel finds the rebels trying to move on from the horrific death of crew-member Olag Gan.


Warship - Ebook

Released February 2013

Warship - Ebook

eBook - MOBI US $4.99
eBook - EPUB US $4.99

An alien fleet stands poised to invade Federation space. The only vessel available to hold it back is the Liberator, commanded by Roj Blake and ...

Lucifer - Book and Ebook

Released May 2013

3. Lucifer - Book and Ebook

Book US $25.07
eBook - EPUB & PRC US $12.99

Many legends surround the aftermath of the collapse of The Federation, including the fate of Kerr Avon...

What happened to Avon after the de...


Released October 2013

4. Anthology

Book US $25.07
eBook - EPUB & PRC US $12.99

Berserker by RA Henderson
When the weapons research facility on space station Amber was shut down, something got left behind. Blake is determi...

Blake's 7 - Books and Ebooks

Blake’s 7 original novels are available in hardback and electronic editions.

There are also Blake’s 7: The Liberator Chronicles, a series of 3-CD box sets featuring the original stars of the much-loved TV series reprising their roles in these dramatic readings - comprising a mixture of narration and dramatised scenes.

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